BR-z FR-s 2013-2016 GNP Lightweight Crank Pulley

$ 123.99


Available is Blue Black or Red

This pulley has been CAD designed, CNC milled out of T6061 aluminium. For lightness, strength and durability. At GNP we get our pulleys dynamically balanced to 8200 rpm, to ensure smooth and balanced running.
There are a few flaws with the stock pulley, first is its weight.
The stock crank pulley weighs almost 5 lbs 2.2 kg.
Then there is the issue of the rubber insert, which, over time may degrade and if you are lucky, slowly go out of balance or, if you're not lucky, just completely fail.

What we have done with our pulley is taken off more than 3.5 lbs off of the stock pulley. Balanced it to 8200 rpm , designed it to be durable and easy to install.

To finish off the package we have our LWCP anodized in three rich colours as you can see, to give your engine bay some bling.

As most lightweight pulleys do, they do not create horsepower, what they do allow your car to reach a higher RPM or boost sooner, and that means is more power to the wheels quicker.