Q? I want to ship my order outside of Canada, but no shipping rate is displayed.
A. In this scenario, please contact us at uniq74@sympatico.ca or by phone at 416-890-4747

Q? Can the shipping address be different than the billing address?
A. Unfortunately Uniq Performance can’t ship orders to any address other then the address registered to your credit card. Any orders placed with a different shipping address will be canceled and refunded.

Q? Can I buy products from Uniq Performance that are not listed on the website?
A. Yes we can get most products that are not on our site. Please email us at uniq74@sympatico.ca and we’ll be happy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Q? Are Prices Listed in USD or CAD?
A. All prices on the Uniq Performance website are displayed in CANADIAN dollars.

Q? Where do you ship your products?
A. We ship everywhere within Canada and World Wide!

Q? Can I order by phone?
A. Yes, absolutely! Call 416-890-4747 (within Canada & USA).

Q? How is my order shipped?
A. Orders are sent via Canada Post,FedEx,UPS or Purolator

Q? Will I receive a receipt?
A. If you are ordering online you will receive a receipt when you checkout. A copy of the receipt will also be emailed to you.

Q? My question wasnt answered
A. Please contact us at 416-890-4747 (within Canada & USA) or at uniq74@sympatico.ca. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Q? How much is shipping?
A. Shipping is calculated depending on size and destination. You can contact us prior to placing an order to verify shipping cost either via email uniq74@sympatico.ca or phone 416-890-4747.

Q? How does inventory levels work?
A. Due to high volume of sales we try to keep stock and in certain time or suppliers dont have and is special order Contact us prior to placing your order to check for stock and be happy to assist

Q? Is Local Pickup available
A Yes we offer local pickup on Large items including Hoods,Trunks ,Fenders,Bumpers