KIA Stinger GT 3.3TT Dual Front Mount Cold Air Intake

$ 819.99

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Finally...The time has come! We introduce to you, the world's first true cold air intake for the Kia Stinger 3.3TT! Below are some late-development photos.Hardware, couplers and brackets are being finalized ( not pictured), and no we will not be using zip ties 😀

Shipments will start going out late december

It has been a long time coming but we are extremely excited to finally announce the official pre-order release of our SSR Performance Dual Front Mount Cold Air Intakes! As you guys know we kept this project under wraps, and it was for good reason. This is the world's first true cold air intake for the Kia Stinger 3.3TT. Our in-house engineering team spent countless hours in R&D including 3D scanning, 3D design and modeling, and then finally 3D printing our custom intake ducts that make this intake possible.

As you can see, our all new front mount intakes take the filters from inside the hot engine bay and put them right where you have the coldest, most dense, air right behind the front grille. Given that the Kia Stinger 3.3TT is turbocharged, this is the best kind of air you can provide for your car to make optimal power.
Similar intakes have been used and proven on turbo motors for years now including applications on BMW's, Infiniti's, and more. This is the first time this application has been designed for use on a Kia.