2012-2015 Hyundai Sonata/Optima 845 Motorsports Front mount intercooler

$ 829.99



The ThetaII TGDI 2.0ltr engine is an awesome power plant used in the Sonata/Optima platform. As many enthusiasts began to search for ways to improve performance, they quickly realized how much the PCM limits power output based on Air Intake Temps. After 845 Motorsports had great success on the Veloster TGDI platform, we realized that the Sonata/Optima used the same exact materials and suffered from similar under hood temperatures.

Moving the Vertical Mount IC wasn’t our initial intentions. But we quickly realized there wasn’t enough room in that space to make a volume increase to achieve a better efficiency setup. So, of coarse we decided to plumb the system to the lower front opening for a great looking FMIC setup.

We used CNC mandrel bent aluminum piping, bead rolled at every end for best flow characteristics and to insure a ZERO leak install. Two available options for the IC core, both of which outperform the OEM solution. Quality T bolt clamps, 3 or4 ply couplers (depending on bend) and quality fitment are what we pride ourselves on. We also have the option to use the stock BOV pipe for those who want to save money and use the stock BOV (select no for upper pipe if you want to go this route, please mention bov flange required if purchasing upper pipe)

Don’t leave your horsepower to heat soak under the hood. Grab the kit that lets you grab your charge pipe, even after a WOT pull Our kit works so well, we were able to hold on to the charge piping during testing in the middle of the summer after 7 dyno runs.

AIT’s where data logged by one of our test cars to be within 10-15*F above ambient. Keep the power you feel on chilly days ALL DAY EVERY DAY with our FMIC. Affordable solutions that work!



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